Last Update:3/21/11


 Do you have a stack of photos?            Need a business website?
      Want to share them with family and friends?
            Want to keep a history of all present and future photos?

We have a solution to organize and display your treasured family photos and videos on the internet for all your family and friends to see. The online solution moves all those family photos now stored in boxes and old albums to your computer screen.

Click on the
FAMILY WEBSITE to view what is possible in the construction of the website. Also, below is an example of the photo album feature of the family website which allows the user to quickly find and view the photos of concern. Click on any of the open links to see how the photo album works.

SPECIAL!! We are introducing a starter package at $50. The package includes:
  • Standard layout as shown in the family website example
  • Up to six pages with five links
  • Up to 300 digital photos
  • Customized color scheme for each page
There is an additional cost of $12/month for the website to be hosted by Yahoo. All additional work is $25 per hour which is equivalent to several additional pages (or links). And the additional links may include approximately 50-100 digital photos.


Select area of album:

My Photo Album



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   Lake Tahoe Trip
   Fourth of July Celebration
   Bridal Shower
   Wonderful Wedding
   Christmas Holidays

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